Too Many Registered Voters Stay on Sidelines

Voter turnout, in the big picture, was fairly pathetic for this election. When you consider that those registered can begin voting starting Oct. 24 to 31 and Nov. 2, the final numbers tell a sad tale.

Only 34% took the time to get to the polls. That equates to 24,007 of the more than 78,000 people voting over nine days with 2,500 absentee ballots.

It cannot be any more convenient. Yet registered voters decided to stay on the sidelines.

Presidential elections always draw a crowd. This year, however, votes were much more local — with county, city, town and village races. These are our friends and neighbors.

All those who won deserve the outcome. But what is it with voter apathy — especially when is plenty more time to cast your ballot today than there was even five years ago?

Congratulations to all those candidates who were victorious — and those who challenged. You’re participation supports a democracy. It would be even healthier if even more voters participated in the process.


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