Mayor May Have Created A New Complication With City Council

Jamestown voters have already spoken pretty clearly in favor of Jamestown’s Republicans in the Nov. 2 City Council elections.

We fear Mayor Eddie Sundquist may not have done himself any favors with Republicans on the council by appearing on behalf of Regina Brackman as absentee ballots were counted in Brackman’s Ward 3 race with Robert Reedy. Brackman asked Sundquist to attend, but in our view the task really should have fallen to a Democratic Party official rather than Jamestown’s sitting mayor.

It doesn’t appear Reedy will win the Ward 3 seat, but one can see how a council candidate could hold a grudge seeing the sitting mayor working to have votes thrown out in his council race. And Republicans, with voters having increased the GOP majority on the council, are likely looking at Sundquist’s role in Monday’s recount unfavorably as meddling in a legislative race.

Sundquist didn’t break any laws or violate any ethics provisions. But small-town politics is largely driven by long memories — and interjecting himself professionally in the absentee ballot counting last week could create issues for the mayor in the long run.


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