Larson Kept A Treasured Piece Of Downtown Going

For almost seven decades, a member of the Lisciandro’s family has been at the helm of Lisciandro’s Restaurant on North Main Street.

For 46 years of the restaurant’s 67-year history downtown, John Lisciandro has provided homemade food, a friendly joke, an update on his golf game and stories about his children and grandchildren to anyone who would listen. And, for those who wanted to know, Lisciandro was a wealth of information about Jamestown business and politics and a go-to person for those who wanted an unvarnished opinion of how decisions made in board rooms effect a small business owner.

But Lisciandro isn’t the only friendly face for Lisciandro’s diners. Since the early 1990s, Patti Larson has been part of the Lisciandro’s family. If one didn’t see Lisciandro, they saw Larson. And if you weren’t hearing stories about Lisciandro’s family, you heard stories about Larson’s family. If Lisciandro hadn’t asked about your family, Larson likely did. If you didn’t hear a joke from Lisciandro, you probably heard one from Larson.

Larson, then, is the perfect choice to take over ownership of Lisciandro’s. Downtown Jamestown wouldn’t be the same without Lisciandro’s Restaurant on North Main Street. it also wouldn’t be the same without either Lisciandro or Larson behind the counter. To Lisciandro, we say happy retirement after a job well done. To Larson, we say congratulations, good luck and thanks for keeping a treasured part of downtown Jamestown going.


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