Letters Changing Executive Orders Should Be Made Available To Public

Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently extended executive orders mandating an 11 p.m. restaurant curfew and requirement that patrons order food in order to consume alcohol.

The extension isn’t surprising seeing as it came after a state appellate court ruled the curfew could stay in effect until a final decision is reached on a lawsuit filed by several restaurants.

State residents should be curious, however, to see if the governor actually followed the procedure he agreed to with legislators back in March. Termed a repeal of Cuomo’s executive powers, the legislative action is really a tweak of Cuomo’s executive powers that allows him to change existing executive orders with written notice to legislators five days before the change is made.

Among the most controversial of the governor’s executive orders are those restricting bars and restaurants. Bar and restaurant owners statewide have struggled through COVID-19’s state-imposed restrictions. The notification required by the state Legislature – and agree to by Cuomo — at least imposes a five-day speed bump on further changes to executive orders.

Sen. George Borrello, R-Sunset Bay, wants to see that letter — if one was sent. Legislative Democrats should comply with Borrello’s request to see the letter or just admit once and for all that legislative Democrats have no interest in holding Cuomo’s feet to the fire.


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