Penhollow And His Team Have Consistently Put Student Safety First

It’s good to see Falconer Central School officials bringing more students back to school for in-person instruction today.

Steve Penhollow, district superintendent, said recently it was a move the district wanted to make back in November or December, but the skyrocketing numbers of COVID-19 cases prompted the district to hold off. That was likely a wise move. Many districts struggled to have enough staff in their school buildings to remain open every day, with some opting for additional time learning remotely.

Now, with new COVID cases largely low and more guidance from researchers and the federal government showing in-person instruction is safe, is the right time to bring students back — particularly a Falconer senior class that hasn’t been together in one place for a year.

We’re sure there are some in the Falconer community who thought all students should have been back in school long before now. Penhollow and his leadership team can’t be faulted, in our view, for acting cautiously especially when COVID was running rampant through the community in the early winter months. And, Penhollow and his team have been consistent throughout the pandemic in making cautious decisions that placed the health of students and teachers first. It’s hard to criticize that decision in hindsight, but in our view, the district is making the right move now.


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