Frewsburg Senior Shows The Value Of Involvement

Kudos to Everina Bennett, a Frewsburg High School senior, and Tom Nelson, one of Bennett’s teachers at Frewsburg Central School and a Jamestown City Council member, for showing the value of involvement.

Last month, Bennett took time out of her busy schedule to attend a Carroll Town Board meeting so a stop sign be installed instead of a yield sign at the corner of Center and Institute streets in Frewsburg. Bennett said she lives near the corner of Center and Institute streets and has witnessed drivers not yielding at the intersection, which has led to neighborhood children, including her three younger siblings, almost being hit by a vehicle. Along with the indifference drivers showed toward the yield sign, Bennett also thought it was a badly placed yield sign because it was near a school and a restaurant, which leads to a lot of cars parked along the streets.

Bennett presented the idea to Nelson, who suggested Bennett take the idea to the Carroll Town Board.

“It has made me feel stronger and it has really empowered me. It showed me that hard work pays off,” she said. “As a student, if I try hard enough, adults will listen to me. It has made me believe I can go out into the real world and make a difference.”

That is how education is supposed to work. Kudos to Nelson for encouraging Bennett to take her idea further than the classroom — and kudos to Bennett for being observant enough to notice an issue adults have missed for years.


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