In State Of The City Address, Sundquist Has Some Ideas

On Saturday, we took issue with Mayor Eddie Sundquist’s continued ill-formed statements — whether intentional or not — toward past administrations.

But all was not bad in Sundquist’s State of the City address. In fact, Sundquist has put forward some interesting ideas for the coming year.

It’s good to see that Sundquist wants to take a tougher stance on absentee property owners, for example. We have been critical of prior efforts by the City Council and past administrations on rental registrations and rental inspections. Sundquist is right in wanting to hold poor landlords more responsible while finding a way to incentivize involved landlords who work to keep their properties up to date. We hope his efforts pay bigger dividends than past efforts.

Too many people in Jamestown live in the type of housing no one should be forced to inhabit. We have said in the past the city must do better, and Sundquist is poised to do just that. It will take some backbone, because the path ahead will not be easy.

Another noticeable and worthy effort is the increased public effort city police officers are making with city youth. A video of officers sledding with some children at the Allen Park Bandshell has been seen by more than two million people, and The Post-Journal reported earlier this week on a nice effort spearheaded by Councilman Jeff Russell, R-At Large, and the city police department to brighten a sick city child’s birthday. Ideally such efforts lead to more trust between the department and the community and, in a perfect world, fewer dead ends in serious cases involving drugs and guns.

Child care and broadband are interesting ideas to examine, too, though a lot more information is needed before making any judgments.

Sundquist has a lot of worthwhile ideas. It will be interesting to see where the coming year takes those ideas.


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