A Salute To Those Working The Polls For This Election

How about a nice salute to some unsung heroes who made Tuesday just a bit easier for everyone else: the poll workers. Across America, there were some real concerns due to the coronavirus that there would be a shortage of these people we rely on each Election Day.

That was not the case here. “I was expecting 25% to say, ‘I’m not wearing that mask all day,'” said Brian Abram, Republican county election commissioner. “It’s amazing. It’s truly amazing the strength of their civic duty to come forward and be there year after year even in a crisis like this. They are still there. My hats off and anytime I can speak on them about them, it’s my pleasure.”

Some of these workers have already worked some long days. When Early Voting began on Oct. 24, these individuals worked weekends and evenings.

It certainly paid off for the citizens, who turned out in high numbers to cast their ballot.

For a number of races, we await a winner. It’s all possible due to a dedicated group who help make our vote count.


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