Metro 7 Should Pursue Joint Policies To Benefit Region

We’re encouraged to see Mayor Eddie Sundquist working to re-establish the old Metro 6 consortium of Jamestown and its metro neighbors.

We’re equally encouraged to see so many neighbors willing to come to the table.

Rechristened Metro 7 with the addition of Kiantone, this is a government discussion group that we have called on reestablishing for quite some time. Ideally, having the mayors and town supervisors of the seven local governments sitting around a table regularly will allow for more constructive discussions between Jamestown, Falconer, Ellicott, Celoron, Lakewood, Busti and Kiantone.

We don’t think any of the supervisors or mayors should enter into the group thinking one will run roughshod over the others. We don’t expect that longstanding disputes over annexation and water services from Jamestown into Strunk Road in Ellicott will be resolved immediately.

We do think, though, that having everyone around the table can lead to discussions of emergency medical services issues and new ways the south county neighbors can help each other and perhaps form a more active coordinated development effort.

The most important thing, though, that can come out of these talks is a renewed sense that Jamestown, Falconer, Ellicott, Celoron, Lakewood, Busti and Kiantone are all in this together. While elected officials have to do what is best for their respective constituents, it’s important to pursue joint policies that benefit the region as a whole.

We may get a whole lot further pulling in one direction than we get fighting each other.


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