Cuomo Needs To Come Up With New Plan For New York

Last week, Schuyler’s Country Kitchen in Lakewood announced its closure. Now, Urban Spin in Lakewood is closing up shop too.

Both have COVID-19 and Gov. Andrew Cuomo to thank.

Urban Spin’s owners announced their closure on Facebook on Thursday. The company continued making rent, insurance, utilities, bike lease and other payments during the six-month shutdown of gyms — even selling some of its equipment during the shutdown to make ends meet. Obviously, that wasn’t a long-term strategy that made sense for a business.

“Our studio was doing great and things were looking up for us to keep growing,” the Facebook post read. “COVID and the governor keeping us closed has drained anything that we had in the bank.”

For Schuyler’s, more than nine years of business wasn’t enough to overcome the limitations imposed by the governor. Schuyler’s was like many area restaurants had been increasing occupancy by having outside dining. That mitigated the governor’s limitations on inside dining a little bit, but Schuyler’s owners see what the governor does not — cold weather is right around the corner. The restaurant couldn’t keep going with the governor’s limitations.

We hate to see empty buildings, but we really hate to see the stress that these closures put on the families who have poured their heart and soul into their business. It’s one thing to think that two businesses have closed.

Put this in personal terms — Deb and Ernie are closing their restaurant. Kristie Lyon, Melanie Preiss and Calin Preiss are closing their gym. These are people with families who invested their blood, sweat and time into their business. They worked hard to provide a service people relied upon. Now they have nothing.

Now tell us the governor doesn’t have to come up with a new plan.


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