Residents Need To Follow Rev. And Mrs. Walker’s Examples

In these times of unrest, there is something we can all learn from the Rev. LeRoy Walker and his wife, Debbie.

Rev. Walker has been ministering at Jamestown’s Emmanuel Baptist Church for 25 years. Rarely have the Walkers ever sought out a spotlight. Rarely would you ever hear them complain.

It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that car after car after car made their way past the church parking lot Sunday to commemorate the Walkers’ 25 years of service to their neighborhood and their city.

Talking with The Post-Journal’s Cameron Hurst on Sunday as well-wishers drove by, Rev. Walker didn’t need his pulpit to dispense some advice applicable to everyone, regardless of religious denomination or belief.

“I’ve loved getting involved in all the good things the community does,” Walker said. “I’ve seen it evolve over the last 25 years, but Jamestown is such a great city and I have seen things improve somewhat and hopefully it will continue to improve as time goes on.”

That improvement will come, but it might come faster if more of us followed the Walkers’ example. The constant over 25 years of ministry in Jamestown is their inspiration, both for their congregation and, perhaps more importantly, the youth who attend Emmanuel Baptist Church. Whether it’s from the pulpit or the youth-oriented events the church organizes to expose children to Jamestown police officers or STEM education, Rev. Walker and Mrs. Walker have made it their life’s work to turn their church on 23rd and Gilberds streets into a shining light.

We can talk as much as we want about legislative reform or new policies in our police departments, but real change comes from the ground up — through the work of people like the Rev. LeRoy Walker and his wife, Debbie.

Congratulations on 25 years, Rev. and Mrs. Walker. You’ve done quite a bit over 2¢ decades. But don’t think about retiring. Your examples are needed a while longer.


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