New Roundabout Pattern Working; Congestion Is Less

So far, so good. That is the preliminary report regarding the controversial roundabout that is located at Routes 20 and 60.

Yes, it is far from perfect as work is still being completed. Even the drivers are sometimes unsure about the new pattern.

But it seems to be working. Congestion is less — and motorists are forced to slow down once they arrive at the traffic circle.

Capt. Eric Balon with the State Police has his Fredonia office less than a mile from the intersection. According to the article in last week’s OBSERVER, he supports the project.

“Roundabouts are shown to be quite a bit safer than traffic lights in areas where they’re used,” he said. “People usually resist them at first but once they’re in place they grow accustomed to them.”

Change is never easy. This is drastic for some. We all, however, will get used to it.


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