It Looks Again, To Be That The Governor Is Just Full Of Hot Air

It’s good to see that Gov. Andrew Cuomo finally acknowledges that some form of in-person high school graduations should take place in New York state.

His arbitrary number of 150-person gatherings, however, doesn’t help too many Chautauqua County school districts.

Consider Jamestown, which would need more than two such gatherings attended only by its graduates. For a graduation attended by a graduate and two family members, it would take five 150-person graduation ceremonies — and that’s only if each graduate is limited to two people attending. Siblings need not attend, nor need many grandparents. And forget step-parents, Board of Education members or a speaker.

Even some of our rural districts aren’t helped much by the 150-person limit. Frewsburg Central School, for example, has 60 graduates. The governor’s Sunday concession means each student could have one person there to contragulate them upon receiving their diploma.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to leave it to school districts and county Boards of Health to decide what is appropriate for their counties and school districts? These decisions should be made locally based on locations where people could gather for graduation while remaining as distanced as possible.

On its surface, the governor would seem to be acting magnanimously when it comes to graduations. Upon further inspection, as has been the case for much of the past two months, the governor is just full of hot air.


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