CARTS Needs To Work Better With Non-Profit Agencies To Boost Ridership

Chautauqua County Legislator Terry Niebel is correct to be a little wary. During a recent Audit and Control Committee meeting this month, the Sheridan representative questioned a potential new name for the Chautauqua Area Regional Transit System.

“It’s been known as CARTS since the mid ’70s,” Niebel said. “You’ve got a brand name that’s been successfully used for the past 45 years.”

A portion of a $1.5 million grant will be used to look at possibly rebranding the county’s public transit system. At this point, with all the fiscal problems that surround the county regarding declines in sales tax revenue, this is not a priority.

Other grant funding includes increased technology to create an app for riders and a re-examination of the current routes. That effort may be better served.

One other note regarding CARTS is this: local nonprofit agency officials often say transportation is a major problem in this county. If this is the case, then CARTS needs to work closer with these organizations on what can be done to end that worry.

If ridership is low, then maybe the routes are not serving those in need as well as could be.


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