Lakewood’s New Board Is Putting Forth Good Governance

It is understandable that Lakewood Village Board members want to move on from the tens of thousands of dollars spent trying to keep a cell tower from being built in the village.

In fact, the board initially voted 3-2 to accept a federal district court decision allowing the cell tower to be installed before choosing to rescind the first vote after discussion amongst members of the public and board members. The board then approved filing a letter of appeal to give village officials and residents time to see if the village can guide the installation of the cell tower in ways to mitigate some of the community’s concerns.

While Mayor Randall Holcomb and trustees Ellen Barnes and Rich Fischer were more than ready to put this matter behind the village and move on to other matters, the three realized the validity of concerns from the audience and fellow board members Ted McCague and Doug Schutte. Rather than dig in their heels and stick with their initial decision, Holcomb, Barnes and Fischer reversed course to see if the village could do a little bit better by using the possibility of an appeal to make a cell tower deal that is better for everyone.

Sticking with the initial acceptance of the court’s decision would have been an easy decision to make, particularly given the openness with which Holcomb, Barnes and Fischer have discussed their opposition to the lengthy cell tower legal battle. Instead, Holcomb, Barnes and Fischer realized there were good concerns being brought up that should be addressed if possible.

This is an example of good governance that one might not have seen from the village under previous administrations.


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