It’s A Time To Remember Veterans Of All Wars

With the passing of time, new generations of Americans have to be reminded of the personal sacrifices their forefathers made in the armed services, whether those soldiers served stateside or abroad, and whether they survived or made the ultimate sacrifice — dying for their country.

That’s why we have federal holidays such as Veterans Day on Nov. 11 — honoring all veterans, alive and dead — and Memorial Day at the end of May, which honors American military men and women who are dead.

Yet as time marches on, we find that the wars of the past fade into distant memory. That means, as veterans die, we have fewer ties to past conflicts. Personal connections get unconnected. War stories once told by friends, family members and neighbors turn into stories found in history books and documentaries. People stop caring.

It’s important that we continue to care about our veterans, past and present, so please take some time this Veterans Day to thank our veterans for their service. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the freedoms of this great country.


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