Groups Deserve Credit For Making A Splash At Underused City Parks

Kudos to two organizations for starting work to possibly bring a splash pad to one of Jamestown’s parks.

Mayor Sam Teresi deserves credit for making the groundwork for a splash pad a priority before the end of his mayoral term this December. The pad would be a welcome addition to whichever park works best as its final location, and given the reaction to the idea when it was announced we have a feeling fundraising to build a splash pad will move somewhat easily.

Adding a splash pad to the city’s parks makes all sorts of sense. Dunkirk’s splash pad has provided two summers of enjoyment to families in the north county while creating additional traffic in Dunkirk’s Wright Park. Those who spend much time in Jamestown’s parks are likely to agree that Jamestown’s parks more closely resemble a ghost town much of the time unless the city’s Summer Playground Program is in operation — and even then the playgrounds aren’t being used as much as they should. That’s a shame, because the city’s playground equipment is wonderful.

Lest we forget, there is a second group who should take a bow for this idea coming to the forefront. Last year, a conversation began on the Jamestown, NY (City of Jamestown) Facebook page asking about ways to cool off or swim within the city limits. That post, created by a newcomer to Jamestown asking a simple question, was commented on by 51 different people more than 270 times in a one-week period. Among the commenters were Anthony Dolce, R-Ward 2, Andrew Liuzzo, R-At Large, and Jeff Lehman, city public works director.

If the city can find a way to build a splash pad, it should do so. Dunkirk has shown that a splash pad can work, at minimum cost, and add to the quality of life for residents.