Officer Resignation Was Likely The Right Move For Everyone

It was better for everyone that a Jamestown police officer charged in March with criminal possession of a forged instrument has resigned.

Harry Snellings, Jamestown police chief, confirmed Thursday that Kenneth V. Nellis III, 40, had resigned his position. Nellis was previously on administrative leave.

While it isn’t known exactly what forged instrument Nellis had in his possession, the felony complaint filed with the Ellicott Town Court makes clear that Nellis had a forged a fictitious supporting deposition document and had it with the intent to deceive another person. The document is a written form that is officially used and created by the city for official government business.

Because the case was adjourned on contemplation of dismissal and won’t go to court, the public likely will never know exactly what Nellis had or how he planned to use it. The public should know, however, that such behavior isn’t tolerated by city police officers. Nellis couldn’t have returned to public duty without having every ticket he wrote and every arrest he made being questioned.

This resignation was a good thing.