When Dissolving Governments, It’s Best To Start Small

Slowly and surely, residents are chipping away at our burdensome system of too many municipal governments. The villages of Forestville and Cherry Creek in recent years have been dissolved by voter approval.

When dissolving governments, it is best to start with the smallest. Within the last month, another group of residents have shown interest in ending a small village.

A taxpayer group led by Brad Gains has received 95 signatures in a petition in favor of the dissolution of Sinclairville. “The village of Sinclairville only has one business, the gas station,” he said. “The village really has deteriorated, most of the tax is residential, we’ve only got one store, one funeral home.”

For this village, 95 signatures is significant. When you look at the 2018 election, it is even more impressive. In that year where the village had two open trustee seats and no names on the ballot, 17 total votes were cast. Even less impressive were the winners. One write-in had nine votes and the other had three.

In that election alone, the voters had spoken. The result: they really do not care.