Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs up to the preliminary steps taken to return baseball to Russell E. Diethrick Park next summer. Earlier this week, it was announced that all of the necessary steps have been taken to transition the Jamestown Jammers from the ROC Ventures ownership group from Milwaukee to a local ownership consortium. JCB LLC, the local ownership consortium, has agreed to a deal with the Secrets of Champions Foundation for coaching and baseball administration for the coming season, with Jamestown native Jordan Basile stepping in to coach the team. Basile is currently the coach at Patrick Henry Community College in Martinsville, Va. It will be a strange summer with no baseball at Diethrick Park. Hopefully this is the last such summer for a long, long time.

Thumbs down to the ridiculous situation regarding old traffic tickets in Stockton. As The Post-Journal reported months ago, area residents began getting summons notices in the mail for traffic infractions that happened, in some cases, decades ago. Drivers were being threatened with having their licenses suspended. In the case of John Niver of Cattaraugus County, he was told his ticket had been adjudicated at one point, then found out decades later that the ticket was still outstanding. People shouldn’t, decades later, face the threat of penalties because a town court didn’t do its job for decades. We hope other courts realize the folly of Stockton Town Court’s ways.

Thumbs up to the state Senate’s passage of legislation that boosts fines for those who pass stopped school buses, creating a school-bus safety council and a bus education section to driver’s license. Meanwhile, legislation authorizing school districts to add stop-arm cameras to school buses could pass later this session. It’s about time the legislature did more to discourage people from putting school children in harm’s way — the Assembly should follow the Senate’s lead and Gov. Andrew Cuomo should sign the suite of bills into law.