On Easter, Fake News Was Overcome By The Good News

There was alleged “fake news” two millennia ago, too. Jesus Christ was no more than a political troublemaker, a social revolutionary, claimed those in power. He was not the Messiah in whom some had faith, they insisted.

So they put an end to the revolution – or so they thought. They crucified Christ. They had his body sealed securely in a tomb. They even posted a guard.

It was all for naught, as Christians celebrate today. It is Easter Sunday, the most joyful day in the calendar for hundreds of millions of people throughout the world.

Christ rose from the dead, walking and talking for a time among those who had seen him hanging on a cross. Their faith, which his arrest and crucifixion had shaken among some, was renewed and made stronger than any power on earth.

Faith remains a critical aspect of the Christian religion. But it is supported by the knowledge of what happened so long ago and so far away, in an event that, though documented thoroughly, still is questioned by some.

No matter. Christians know that Christ kept His promise. He arose. He showed the way. In doing so, he laid the foundation on which a mighty way of life – more than a system of values – is based.

It was good news, the best humankind has ever heard.

Happy Easter.