Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs up to those who braved the cold performing vital community services during the polar vortex earlier this week. While most people could stay inside during the worst of the bitterly cold weather, police officers, firefighters, EMTs, mail carriers, newspaper carriers and a whole host of workers had to brave the elements. It wasn’t an easy few days for anyone, but the days could have been a lot harder for all of us.

Thumbs down to truck drivers who violated the state’s travel ban on the western section of the Thruway after a tractor-trailer crash was blamed for causing a major pile-up during severe weather. A ban prohibiting tractor-trailers and buses from traveling Interstate 90 between Rochester and the Pennsylvania border was in effect earlier this week because of dangerous travel conditions. On Wednesday, a tractor-trailer whose driver ignored the ban jackknifed west of Rochester causing a 21-vehicle pileup that injured several people, including a state trooper. Travel bans exist for a reason, they should be followed.

Thumbs up to Mayor Sam Teresi’s choice of Tamu Graham-Reinhardt to fill the empty position on the City Council following the resignation of Vanessa Weinert. Graham-Reinhardt said she plans to run for re-election in November because 11 months isn’t long enough to accomplish the goals she has set for her time on the city’s legislative branch. Graham-Reinhardt started her professional education career as a Spanish teacher at Southwestern Central School in 1993 and has worked since then for the Jamestown Public Schools District and Jamestown Community College before accepting her current position as a Spanish teacher at Falconer Central School. The appointment seems to fit with the type of council member voters chose nearly two years ago when they elected Weinert. As we said previously, there were easy choices. We think Teresi made the right choice.