Don’t Put Off Getting The Flu Shot Any Longer This Season

If you managed to get into the new year without suffering through a case of influenza, even though you haven’t been vaccinated against the virus, congratulations.

Now, go get that shot. The most dangerous part of the flu season lies ahead.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said recently that cases of influenza in New York state increased by 72 percent in about a week with new cases of influenza reported in 58 out of 62 counties. In addition, the number of patients hospitalized with lab-confirmed influenza was 363, a 41-percent increase from the week before.

Flu shots can keep recipients from contracting some varieties of the disease. Even for strains not covered, vaccination can lessen the severity of illness.

Flu shots can be obtained in many places, including doctors’ offices and many pharmacies. Often, they are covered by insurance.

If you are feeling pretty confident about your chances of getting through a bout with the flu, consider this: What about those with whom you come in contact, especially children and older people? Flu can be deadly to them.

Don’t put it off any longer. Go get that flu shot before you or someone you love gets sick — perhaps desperately so.