Wishing Those Who Work On Christmas A Safe Shift

Tonight, while most of us relax in anticipation of The Big Day, firefighters will have to hold themselves ready to respond to the almost inevitable fires in chimneys and Christmas decorations. Police officers and sheriff’s deputies will patrol our streets and roads.

Men and women will watch gauges at treatment plants, ensuring that when we turn our taps, water will flow.

Others on duty at power plants will miss the evening with their families so that ours have electricity.

And on Christmas Day, others will take their places.

The holidays are not holidays from work for many people. Someone has to keep the service stations open. Someone has to keep the phone system ready for the crush of calls to friends and relatives. Someone, perhaps far from home, has to service that gas well.

In hundreds of tasks, people will be at work today and tomorrow. Our Christmas wish for them is easy, safe shifts — and at least a few hours with those who mean the most to them.