There Are Many Who Go Above And Beyond On Christmas

We pull out all the stops for Christmas. Household budgets are torn up in our determination to get the perfect gift for everyone on our lists.

Many — most, here in Chautauqua County, we have reason to believe — set aside a few dollars, perhaps more, in our concern for the less fortunate. We push a few dollars through the slots in Salvation Army red kettles. We take tags from Angel Trees. We respond joyfully to appeals in our churches. We put packages in Toys for Tots bins, set bags out on our porches for those collecting food to provide holiday meals, write checks when friends mention special Christmas projects to help the needy.

We reflect that it truly is better to give than to receive. We understand that in doing so, we are receiving.

Many among us will receive even more on Christmas morning. They are the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of our neighbors, friends and co-workers who go above and beyond each Christmas season.

They are the church members who work tirelessly during evenings in December, collecting, preparing and delivering gift packages.

They are the police officers and sheriff’s deputies who spend time — it flies when you’re having fun — taking children on Christmas shopping tours.

They are the club members who slave over hot stoves for hours so they can have the pleasure of dishing up turkey or ham with all the trimmings to families who, otherwise, would not enjoy festive meals on Christmas.

They are the business people who worry as much about the real bottom line as about the one their accountants consider.

Think about this: In bits and pieces for several weeks, we at the newspaper have told you about such people, in stories large and small, sometimes with pictures.

Had we collected them all and reprinted just a sentence or two about each one, this page would not have been large enough to hold the accounts of those who care enough to give the very best — themselves.

God bless them all, every one.