Mayor Should Find Fresh Face For Vacant Council Seat

Mayor Sam Teresi finds himself with a vacancy to fill on the City Council after the resignation of Vanessa Weinert.

It’s unfortunate Weinert had to step down. She had proven herself early in her first year as a bright, energetic member of the council who added depth to the conversation during committee meetings, particularly those involving neighborhoods. She also showed an ability to listen to her fellow council members as she learned the back story associated with items the council was discussing. We hope she considers running for office again when the time is right for Weinert’s personal life.

As we turn our attention to filling the position, however, Weinert can be instructive.

Weinert’s message obviously resonated with voters. Ideally, Teresi’s appointment is a fresh face who brings some energy and curiousity to the council as well as a strong interest in working to improve Jamestown’s neighborhoods. There is an easy path that could be taken to fill Weinert’s position. We hope the mayor takes a harder path.