Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs up to Deputy Adam McAdoo for his quick thinking earlier this week at the Mayville Diner. McAdoo was having lunch with co-workers when a child at a neighboring table stopped breathing after choking on food. McAdoo, who’s also an emergency medical technician, rushed to the child and began first aid. McAdoo said he turned the 8-month-old over and gave seven to eight back blows using the palm of his hand. He said a piece of food was dislodged and the girl began crying. It’s a credit to McAdoo that he took it upon himself to volunteer for EMT training two years ago and a reminder of the importance of Sheriff Joe Gerace’s initiative to have deputies be trained as EMTs.

Thumbs down to the closing of Tastee Corners & Cafe. We fully understand the property owners’ desire to maximize their investment, and there are benefits redeveloping part of the plaza. A new building in place of Tastee Corners will bring in much more revenue, while adding more businesses to the plaza brings in a few more jobs and additional tax base to the city. Still, it will be strange to drive by Marion Avenue and not see Tastee Corners. The ice cream shack has long been a throwback to the 1950s that looked out of place in the front of the Foote Avenue Plaza. Thousands of people have taken their children or grandchildren to Tastee Corners for a first ice cream cone, worked there as a first job or simply stopped in for an ice cream cone or a sundae because it’s what they did with their parents when they were younger. Tastee Corners could reopen in a new location — but it would have to be a pretty special location to retain the feel of the old Foote Avenue location.

Thumbs up to the Chautauqua County Board of Elections for bringing county residents interested in election returns an informative and easy-to-use format on its website. The new format calculated election turnout percentages for as ballots came in, showed which districts had reported — including a graphic for Jamestown and Dunkirk — and updated all of the top races in an easy-to-follow format on one screen. County residents shouldn’t take for granted the access they have to election results — many of our neighboring counties in the 23rd Congressional District do not have access to real-time results, much less the outstanding layout provided Tuesday to Chautauqua County residents. Kudos, Norm Green and Brian Abram, and the rest of their team on a job well done.