It’s Time For Liuzzo To Make A Contribution

Mayor Sam Teresi will release his proposed 2019 budget proposal at 4 p.m. today in the mayor’s fourth floor conference room.

One would think, given the state of Jamestown’s finances, the release date of the budget would be the least controversial thing the City Council has on its plate for the next few weeks. Of course, that would have been true before Andy Liuzzo was elected to the council.

We’re not sure exactly who Liuzzo was trying to impress with his claim that Teresi was disregarding the City Charter by releasing the 2019 budget one day later than the date stipulated in the City Charter. Of course, Monday was a federal holiday and most municipal operations at the local, state and federal levels were closed; a bevy of local government meetings typically held on Mondays are being held today instead due to the holiday.

Teresi could have released the budget late last week, but some of the things happening in the budget are moving pieces that are being changed the afternoon the budget is released. Much like New Yorkers who file their taxes at the last possible minute because Patriots Day in Boston gives them that opportunity, Teresi is making use of the extra day. It makes sense. We would think Liuzzo would prefer to be delivered a budget with the best information possible.

There has been an interesting contrast between Liuzzo and Vanessa Weinert, the two newest members of the council. Weinert tends to make few headlines but substantive contributions to discussions in committee meetings. Liuzzo, on the other hand, tends to make headlines but little as far as substantive contributions other than to turn molehills into mountains as he did last week.

Tuesday is as good a time as any for Liuzzo to begin making a substantive contribution rather than empty headlines.