Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs up to the Labyrinth Press Company and those who donated to a Kickstarter campaign for the local company’s effort to provide food at the National Comedy Center. Frank Besse and Jeff and Alexandria James set a $10,000 goal and ended up receiving 173 donations totaling $11,149. The Kickstarter campaign funds will go toward purchasing the equipment needed to provide food at the NCC. Besse said they will be buying merchandiser coolers for the grab-and-go area as well as cooking equipment for the patio food cart operation. The food concession contract at the NCC will be for the owners of the Labyrinth to stock an area in the gift shop with ready-made foods like sandwiches, burritos and salads, Besse said. He said they will also be operating a food cart that will be located, most of the time, on the back patio of the center that will be open seasonally. He added that during special events they will be able to move the food cart to different locations around the comedy center. Kudos to the local entrepreneurs for finding a way to make their idea a reality.

Thumbs down to U.S. Rep. Tom Reed’s tepid statement regarding insider trading charges filed against fellow U.S. Rep. Chris Collins, R-Buffalo. While it is true that it is up to Collins whether or not he runs for re-election, the charges filed against Collins were an opportunity for Chautauqua County’s congressman to stand up against corruption. Wrong is wrong, whether the culprit is a Republican or a Democrat. Would Reed’s reaction have been different were Collins a Democrat or if Collins were a New York state official connected to Gov. Andrew Cuomo?

After years of starts and stops, thumbs up to the pending possibility of a children’s museum in downtown Jamestown. Volunteers have been pursuing the idea for years but have hit road block after road block. Now, though, it appears a good home has been found at 14 E. Second St., Jamestown, in the former Basil ‘n Bones location. Those interested in helping set up the Tot Spot or volunteering during its operation can visit Donations can also be made online. A children’s museum in Jamestown makes a lot of sense, but as we have found out the hard way already, the road to creating such a center is not an easy one. We hope those interested in creating a child-friendly place downtown will lend their talent and their money to the cause.