Failed Vote On Zoning Change Was Due To Fear

To The Reader’s Forum:

The Post-Journal should be commended for its objective reporting of the Salvation Army’s application for a zoning change in the Town of Ellery.

It is indeed unfortunate that fear appeared to be the driving force behind the Ellery Town Board’s decision to vote down the zoning change request; especially in light of the fact that both the Chautauqua County and Ellery Planning Boards unanimously approved the application. The reality is that the victims are escaping from crime, it does not follow them. The Salvation Army would have completed a $2.5 million-dollar renovation of the vacant property and provided victims a quiet, well-kept safe haven in their time of crisis.

Our gratitude goes out to the Ellery Town board members who voted to allow the zoning change and the Ellery residents who signed the petition and vocalized their support at the recent town meetings.

Daniel Johanson

Chairman, Salvation Army Advisory Board