Borrello’s Experience Makes Him Fit For County Executive Post

Accomplishing anything in the Chautauqua County Legislature never came easy before 2010. During that era, partisan politics ruled the roost. It may have been comfortable for many who served — some for far too long. For outsiders, however, it was a portrait of dysfunction and frustration.

Back in 2009, Sunset Bay’s George Borrello took a step toward changing that by running for legislator. It was then, the whole dynamic of the governing body began to change. Stodgy Republican leadership, which held up progress with scare tactics in caucuses, lost its power. No longer were members just voting on party lines.

Membership of the body would later decrease, from 25 to 19. And, cooperation — not gridlock — became the norm in Mayville.

When Vince Horrigan became executive, Borrello took on a greater leadership role as a legislator. He started a Lake Erie Management Commission to promote and preserve our great asset. He’s headed the Regional Solutions Commission, the group that has the county in the running for possibly $20 million from the state that will be announced later this fall for potential consolidation efforts. He took an active role in the village dissolution of Forestville and Sherman, which failed by two votes, and is a key advocate for the north county water district and the county Land Bank program that deals with dilapidated houses.

His opponent, Mike Ferguson, has been a welcome addition to the contest. Ferguson gives voters a clear choice and has run a solid campaign.

Despite not being involved in government, Ferguson has had to work with cities, the county and other municipalities in the numerous roles he has held in recent years, including stints with the Jamestown Jammers, Northwest Savings Bank Ice Arena and Fredonia Place.

His greatest asset is his ability to communicate — and get people together. He has run an excellent campaign and has been accessible and involved with community efforts since announcing his candidacy in May.

We are lucky to have two solid candidates. But experience, especially in changing how county government has operated in the last decade, is a huge piece in determining our endorsement for Borrello.