Shared Services Are On Right Track

We have written often in the past few weeks about the need to change the way public services are provided in Chautauqua County.

Kudos to all those who are working to do just that.

A public forum held recently in Mayville detailed 13 proposed projects the county is going to take to the state in hopes of securing $20 million to help study and implement the projects.

Among the noteworthy projects that haven’t been discussed much publicly are consolidation of the towns of Gerry, Charlotte and village of Sinclairville into one municipal entity that would be housed in a new building on the grounds at Cassadaga Valley Central School. We are particularly impressed with the rationale expressed last week by John Crossley, Gerry town supervisor. “We just figured as elected officials, it’s our duty to see whether or not this is something that would work. Maybe it will or maybe it won’t, but we’re confident that we will head in the right direction.”

Also within the application is a proposed merge between the Portland and Brocton fire departments while Mayville Mayor Martin Bova Jr. discussed a possible merger between the Mayville, Dewittville and Hartfield fire departments.

Everyone involved in these 13 projects is on the right track. We hope that action results on many of these items even if Chautauqua County doesn’t receive the $20 million in state funding.


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