GOP Convention Should Be Secure

Perhaps it is a reflection of the rough-and-tumble process Republicans are enduring as they attempt to pick a nominee for president, but for whatever reason, Cleveland police are expecting trouble when the GOP holds its national convention in that city this summer.

City officials plan to buy 2,000 new riot-control suits, complete with collapsible batons, to be certain police are ready for the convention.

Apparently members of Congress are concerned, too. They are providing Cleveland with $50 million to be spent on security for the convention.

History demonstrates some political party conventions can be peaceful affairs. The 2012 GOP event in Tampa, Fla., drew just a thousand protesters.

On the other hand, the 1968 Democrat convention in Chicago featured widespread violence. Some have labeled it “a police riot.”

Clearly, Cleveland police plan to be ready for challenges. Good. They should do whatever it takes to ensure any fireworks are of the political kind, not violence intended to intimidate rather than persuade.