Spending Proposal Is Irresponsible

Barely had “sequestration,” the government spending limits Congress put in place Jan. 1, 2013, celebrated its second anniversary when President Barack Obama urged throwing any restraint to the wind.

Recently, Obama urged Congress to approve $74 billion a year more in spending than allowed under the sequestration. In effect, White House aides admitted, the president’s plan would “fully reverse” those limits.

As of today, the national debt stood at $18.1 trillion. It is growing by nearly $2.4 billion a day.

Yet Obama wants to kill limits on government spending, through a combination of adding even more to the debt and increasing the tax burden on Americans.

Consider what the president is suggesting: $74 billion amounts to nearly $1,000 a year in new spending for each family of four in the United States.

Far from tackling tough issues such as entitlements, Obama has spent six years doing all he can to increase the size of government – and its cost to each and every taxpayer.

Too often in the past, under both Republican and Democrat presidents, lawmakers have gone along with irresponsible spending. Slightly more than two years ago, they agreed – after much controversy – to some limits. Now Obama wants to abandon them.

Far from going along with him, Congress should be looking at new ways to restore fiscal sanity.


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