Veterans Memorial Park A Vast Improvement

The new Veterans Memorial Park on West Third Street is a wonderful improvement to what had previously been an under-utilized parcel of land.

Imagine what it could look like once the $150,000 park project is finished. So far, the commission has raised $95,985 over the last three years, leaving $51,865 to be raised.

The park, which is located along Logan Avenue on the west side of Jamestown next to Third Street, will recognize all veteran organizations and honor all active military personnel who served during U.S. conflicts and wars. The park will consist of three stone circles joined by walkways. The largest circle, located in the center of the park, was built around a flagpole that has the flag from the previous Veteran’s Park. The first circle in the new park will have a Civil War cannon on display. The third circle will hold a veterans monument dedicated to all who have fought for their country.

Much has already been done, but lately donations have been trickling in to the Veteran’s Memorial Commission. The Lenna Foundation in Jamestown is offering an incentive that could turn that trickle into the steady stream needed to finish this worthy project. Foundation officials recently notified the commission of a dollar-for-dollar matching grant, worth up to $20,000, to help spur the last round of donations needed to finish the memorial.

The Lenna Foundation’s offer is a generous one. Now, it’s time for the community needs to come together yet again and meet the foundation’s challenge.

Tax-deductible donations may be made to the Veterans Memorial Commission Relocation Fund at the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation, 418 Spring St., Jamestown, NY 14701.