Demolition Shows Times Are Changing

Those who drive regularly down Allen Street recently received just the latest reminder that times are changing.

A covered walkway from one TitanX building to another that had been an Allen Street fixture for decades has been torn down, a remnant of a time when Jamestown was a booming furniture-making town. The walkway wasn’t used much anymore now that factory activity has slowed and had become more of a vestigial organ than vital piece of TitanX’s operation. And so, the decision was made to tear the walkway down, a decision that was right for TitanX but which still changed the nature of Allen Street forever.

We thank Ingvaar Carlson, a longtime Post-Journal photo correspondent, for some final photos of the walkway and the demolition process.

Tearing down the walkway is another sign that manufacturing will likely never be as big a business as it once was for Jamestown, but the industry is changing. Manufacturing will always be an important part of Chautauqua County’s mixture of jobs, and county residents should hope the manufacturing sector of our economy begins growing again so it can provide the high-paying jobs Jamestown saw in manufacturing’s heyday.

If that means tearing down some of what we once held so dear, so be it. It is a sign of the times in which we live.