Charitable Donations Are Good All Year Round

Christmas is over, and that means many Chautauqua County residents are putting away their altruistic impulses along with the holiday decorations. After all, it’s before the holiday that charitable organizations need help, right?

Yes and no. It is true the weeks leading up to Christmas are times of pressure for charitable organizations. There are toys and clothing to buy for children, holiday meals to provide for families and other special needs.

But some organizations strain their resources to fill all those pre-Christmas needs. That leaves them short of resources for the winter months, when thousands of area families still need help.

Other charities are in need this time of year simply because of the post-Christmas dropoff in giving.

Your help still is needed. Some men still need hot meals. Some women still require warm clothing. Some children still need medical care. Some families still don’t have places to stay.

Please, then, don’t stop helping simply because Christmas is over. Make a donation to your favorite charity, because need is there all year round.