Computer Bugs Can Be Fixed, Obamacare Cannot

Don’t give up on the Obamacare website, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius urged Ohioans during a visit to the state on Wednesday. Glitches that have prevented many people from learning about the new health care law are being corrected, and there is plenty of time for people to sign up for the program, Sebelius added.

Actually, inexcusable problems with the website may be a blessing for Sebelius – because they have prevented many Americans from learning the shocking truth about what Obamacare means to them.

Just two weeks into the program’s start and, again, with many people unable to learn about it, horror stories abound. People are learning that despite what the president promised, they cannot keep the health insurance policies they have now. They are finding that despite Obama’s pledge, their insurance premiums will skyrocket. Some businesses are discovering that if they do not provide insurance for employees, they will be penalized – but if the coverage they offer is too good, they also will be penalized.

It is true that millions of Americans who lack insurance now will get it through Obamacare. But it also is true that millions of others will be hurt by the program.

Bugs in computer programs can be corrected. But the question about Obamacare is whether, once many Americans learn it is detrimental to them, it will be too late to cancel the monstrosity.