Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

There is much we don’t know about what happened Wednesday morning on Wheeler Hill Road in Carroll.

While four people have been charged in the homicides, there is still a lot of information that hasn’t been made public yet. Police are tight-lipped about a possible motivation for the crime and a timeline of events.

One thing we do know is Danielle O’Connor, Frewsburg superintendent, and Frewsburg Central School officials should be commended for ensuring the safety of school children Wednesday. The school’s policies for such situations worked perfectly. Parents were notified of the situation through the school’s Global Connect system while the school buildings were placed into lock out as police descended on Wheeler Hill Road.

No one knew Wednesday afternoon those responsible for the homicides were still in the area – and no one wanted anyone capable of committing such grisly acts of violence being able to get into a school. School officials were also right to make sure students who normally walk home were picked up by their parents. Some students were escorted home by Chautauqua County Sheriff’s deputies.

As it turned out, the four men believed to be responsible for the homicides had left the area and, as O’Connor said, “No child was ever in danger.”

It’s still better to be safe than sorry.