All Who Ran For Office Should Be Commended

Voters in villages throughout Chautauqua County have made their choices.

All of the candidates in Tuesday’s election should be commended for stepping into the realm of public service. It’s difficult to knock on doors and raise money to pay for signs and advertising while working a full-time job and spending quality time with one’s family. It takes a lot of confidence and guts to explain your positions to hundreds of people over the course of a few weeks, especially knowing everyone won’t agree with your positions. Anyone who runs should be commended for making such a commitment to their fellow citizens.

We hope those who didn’t win this time around remain interested and involved in local affairs. Not being on a village board doesn’t mean there aren’t ways for interested citizens to contribute to the betterment of our area. There are dozens of not-for-profit organizations that do important work begging for members on important task forces and committees that are working to help the community.

Meanwhile, congratulations to those who won positions. Villages in The Post-Journal’s readership area are diverse. Some are commercial development hotbeds while others are home to the biggest farms in our county. No matter the size, village officials face the same issues their city and county counterparts face – rising costs, shrinking populations, costly state mandates and an ever watchful populace that wants their taxes kept as low as possible.

Those new board members have earned a seat at the decision-making table.

Now, they must make their time count.


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