David M. Echevarria

David M. Echevarria

David , age 44, died at UPMC in Jamestown early Sunday morning, Sept. 10, 2023 due to respiratory failure.

He was born July 31, 1979, in Dunkirk, NY, but transferred to Children’s Hospital in Buffalo where he spent 8 months due to his prematurity and medical issues. He was placed in the Binkiwitz home at 10 mo. of age and thrived with the care of John and Barbara Binkiwitz and his siblings: Philip, Pamela, Steve, Sara and Stephanie ( deceased, 2017) and visits from six cousins. He remained in his Fredonia home as part of this family for 42 years.

He attended LoGuidice BOCES where he made many friends and, thanks to the care of wonderful teachers and therapists, tried to reach his potential. After graduating from BOCES he began attending Dunkirk Day Hab with the help of nurses from Aftercare who accompanied him daily ( Jan DeLeon was his regular side-kick for 18 years), and he was greeted with his friendly bus driver, Mary, each morning. Following his move to Park Lane IRA in Jamestown a year and a half ago, he attended the Aspire Day Hab Program in Lakewood. He was happy as part of their family and given wonderful care and attention.

Isn’t it remarkable how a little guy in a wheelchair who wasn’t even able to scratch an itch, move any part of his little body except his big brown eyes and his head, was non-verbal and blind could impact everyone he met by winning them over with his wonderful smile? He was deeply loved by his family , his attentive case manager, Lisa Vandeveld, Jan DeLeon, and the staff at Park Lane IRA. If he could, he would give everyone who helped him along the journey of his life a big hug of appreciation.

David is now free from his physical limitations and is dancing in the sunlight (getting more freckles) with a girlfriend on each arm among the angels! To help others, his tissues and organs were donated to science, He will be cremated and scattered in the wind. We all rejoice in the time we were able to spend with him! He brought each of us joy and a special kind of love.

Arrangements are by the McGraw-Kowal Funeral Home. Donations may be made in David’s name to Aspire of WNY (https://www.aspirewny.org/donate/