Wesley Louis Frick

Wesley Louis Frick

Sept. 11, 1933 to Sept. 10, 2022

Wesley Louis Frick was born in Falconer, N.Y., on Sept 11, 1933, and resided at 130 Richard Ave., with his parents, Gunnard and Doris Nelson Frick.

He graduated from Falconer High School in 1951. Immediately following graduation Wes enlisted in the US Air Force. He was lucky enough to serve his county in the then beautiful U.S. Territory known as Hawaii. Following his service he moved to the Los Angeles area of California, where he lived in various parts of Southern California for the rest of his life.

Wes was married three times (five times if you count some of the stories he had from Hawaii). In 1955, he married Valrie Richards and adopted a daughter. Terri Lee Bartlett and had a son, Glen Frick and another daughter, Cindy Frick Sabourin. His three children were the proudest parts of his life as well as several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

He had a passion for race cars and bowling. He hung out with race car legends Bob Bondurant and Dan Gurney. He had many a tale to tell about trying to keep up with Bondurant. He was a superb bowler and beat many professionals. He considered turning pro several times, but the thought of touring was too much while raising a family. His average of 207 was nothing compared to today’s professional bowlers, but in the 1960s that could have got him on the circuit.

Wesley Louis Frick

He was instrumental during the infancy of the modern shipping container business. He worked for such companies as SeaLand, Matson, Zim, US Lines and others. His efforts helped revolutionize international transportation and trade. However, his true calling may have been the years he spent bartending and managing bars. He had the gift of gab and he never meet a person he did not want to have a conversation with. The good part was that everybody seemed to love him. Working in the Los Angeles and Anaheim areas, he served and met many famous celebrities and athletes. Following his bartending career, Wes would help out at homeless shelters in Victorville, Calif. His retirement years were spent in Oceanside, Calif.

He loved big cars, the USA, people, bowling, golf, brandy and of course women. He never had much money and he never needed much. However, he always seemed to find a bit of extra money to donate to multiple charities, his favorite being St. Jude’s Children Hospital. Wes lived a full life and he enjoyed it up to the very end. He will be missed by many.