Marilyn Long Hamilton

Marilyn Long Hamilton

Marilyn Long Hamilton was born in Jamestown, N.Y., on April 7, 1929, to her parents, Earl Solomon Long and Leora Johnson Long. She was the eldest of three, followed by Jean and Bradley. She meet her husband, David Hamilton, at Gordon College where she graduated with a degree in Christian Education, eventually earning her master’s degree in the field as well. While her husband pursued a Masters of Divinity at Gordon Conwell Seminary, she worked at the library there and furthered her deep love for books. Her love for her husband was clearly evident when she willingly typed all of Dave’s three theses with five carbon copies each. He and Marilyn planted their first church, Fairfield Presbyterian Church in Pensacola, Fla., where Beth, Becky and Sarah were born within three years.

Marilyn and David moved to Mexico in 1960. Marilyn’s passion for education and learning lent itself well when she home schooled all four of the girls, the latest, Jill, who was born in Mexico. She was able to a create warm, inviting home in every place where she and her husband eventually moved. She managed to make a wonderful home in a tiny village in Southern Mexico, a long drive down a dusty dirt road about five hours away from civilization. There she also taught Bible lessons, piano and literacy at the Bible school where they pastored from surrounding villages and lived and studied with their families. She played piano every Sunday in the village church, and she even played the pump organ on the USS Seattle when it was docked in Acapulco Bay. To her alarm, the boat decided to leave port while in the middle of her composition, or so she thought. In reality, the ship just raised anchor, which afforded Marilyn the opportunity to demonstrate her prowess on the organ despite the ships untimely bobbing and shifting. Marilyn continue to actively serve the Lord in many ways, which included teaching in an elementary school, working as a church secretary, teaching Bible studies and leading youth and adult choirs.

She eventually fulfilled one of her longtime dreams when she and her family moved to Escondido, Calif., where she was able to work at a Christian bookstore. This led to starting and running two Church bookstores in Memphis and lastly, the one here at Carriage Land called books on the Land. Here, she counseled and touched many lives through the books she recommended and the conversations with church family members that she so cherished and looked forward to. Marilyn’s deep love for her family and others could be seen very clearly in her fingers. Not only did they work hard and stay busy every day of her life, they also lovingly and patiently knitted sweaters, mittens, and blankets for her 16 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. They also cross-stitched many works of art that still tangibly convey what and whom she loved. Her puzzles and crosswords kept her busily content between projects.

Marilyn is now the one welcomed into Christ’s presence. She leaves a legacy of service and life lived in pleasing her Master.