Town To Take Beaujean Road Residence To Court

Chautauqua town officials are taking the owners of a house that has been cited many times for code violations to court.

During the town board meeting, officials voted to authorize a state Supreme Court filing for 7127 Beaujean Road. The residence is near Chautauqua Lake Central School.

“We have done everything we can with Beaujean Road as far as code enforcement,” explained town Supervisor Don Emhardt, which is why they’re taking them to court.

If the town wins in court, the property owners will be court-ordered to address the issues or face consequences. Town officials said the state Supreme Court has a lot more authority than a town court does.

Since last year nearby residents have been complaining that residents there are living in campers and other outbuildings that don’t meet code and illegally burning trash. They have described it as a “compound” with anywhere between 15-30 people living there.

They also allege that people there have been wandering on neighboring properties and have walked on school grounds, where they have dropped drug paraphernalia.

The Sheriff’s Office has been called there multiple times. Twice in the last six months buildings on the property have caught fire.

In April, the Chautauqua town code enforcement officer cited the property for multiple violations, which apparently have not been addressed.

Town attorney Joel Seachrist said he plans on filing the town’s case in the next four to six weeks.

Officials declined to speculate on when they think the court may take up the issue and make a ruling.


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