County Sued Over CARTS Bus Mishap

Chautauqua County is being sued for damages after a man claims he was injured during a 2023 ride on a CHQ Transit bus.

Richard Gariepy says he boarded the CHQ Transit bus using his motorized scooter. The driver, Gariepy’s attorney says, didn’t properly strap down and secure the scooter while Gariepy was on the bus. Gariepy is represented by Fessenden, Laumer and DeAngelo of Jamestown. The suit was filed early last week.

“At the above-described date, time and place, the defendant’s bus driver was negligent and careless in the operation of the CARTS bus by, including but not limited to, driving at an excessive rate of speed around a corner, causing the plaintiff’s scooter to fall over inside the bus, pinning him underneath and causing him serious physical injury.”

The lawsuit states Gariepy has filed a notice of claim but has not yet seen any payment from the county. The lawsuit alleges the county was negligent and careless by not properly training, supervising or monitoring its CHQ Transit drivers, particularly in how they ensure the safety of disabled passengers who use mobility devices, and in proper and safe operation of buses.

“The injuries sustained by the plaintiff were solely the result of the defendant’s negligence and carelessness as described above and in no respect the result of any act or omission on the part of the plaintiff,” the lawsuit states.

County officials have not yet filed a response to the lawsuit.


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