Complaints arise regarding dilapidated Mayville house

Neighbors have registered complaints regarding 83 Chautauqua St., Mayville. P-J photo by Gregory Bacon

MAYVILLE – A dilapidated house on Chautauqua Street is raising concerns from neighbors.

During the Mayville Village Board meeting Tuesday, residents stated that there are people living at 83 Chautauqua St., even though it is bank owned and has no electricity.

Residents allege that people have been living in the house and garage, and have been burning trash. They said they contacted the Sheriff’s Office multiple times as well as the County Health Department.

The residents were also in attendance in May complaining about the property.

Outside the lawn is overgrown. One neighbor said there’s a lot of trash piled up behind the property and it stinks badly. “It needs to be condemned. It is full of garbage. If you have a nice breeze (the odor) comes right through my bedroom window,” he said.

Village officials said they have reached the bank, which is located in Texas, via email. The complaints from last month have been forwarded to the bank’s property maintenance.

Mayor Rick Syper said addressing dilapidated properties is a challenge. “Our hands are somewhat tied because the bank owns it. We can send the bank a violation and hopefully they will come and actually mow the lawn,” he said.

For 15 years the village has been working to address the property at 199 Sea Lion Drive. Village officials filed a lawsuit in state Supreme Court in December citing 21 separate violations of village code for property maintenance.

The court sided with the village and is allowing them to enter the property and secure it. The court will hear arguments in September that could result in the village being able to tear the hoe down.

Syper said they may need to do something similar with the Chautauqua Street property. “I’m not afraid to spend a little bit of money and take them to court,” he said.

Frank Watson, the code enforcement officer for the village, said last month he sent seven violation notices to the bank. He said if they don’t comply he will meet with the village board leaders and see what legal options they have. “We’re operating at the ‘speed of government,’ but we’ll get there,” he said.

Trustee Bill Ward thanked the residents for voicing their concerns. “I for one, and I think the rest of this board considers this an emergency situation. It isn’t just another code violation. We have some real emergencies there that need to be addressed,” he said.


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