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Frewsburg Woman Collecting Used Eclipse Glasses For Latin American Children

Pictured is Kira Pelham and her kids with a box of eclipse glasses they have been collecting for children in Latin America. Submitted photo

FREWSBURG — A woman in Frewsburg is collecting used solar eclipse glasses from the April 8 eclipse to send them to children in Latin America to help them be able to experience their own eclipse, which is coming up in August.

Kira Pelham’s original collection goal was 100 glasses. So far, with the help of others in the community, she has collected 2,088 at the last count, but has added about 20 to that amount since, with more to pick up.

“I just thought the eclipse was the coolest thing I’d ever seen and I want everyone to be able to experience that for themselves,” Pelham said. “I saw the posts about collecting for children in Latin America, and they’re kids so I want them to be able to experience it too. It’s a little feel-good project for me.”

As a mom herself, Pelham said this project is all about children. It also serves to teach her kids the power of giving to others.

“I want my kids to know how it feels to do something good,” Pelham said. “There’s so much bad in the world and if it’s possible to make something happen for these kids and help these kids in Latin America experience what we did, then that’s something good.”

So far, Pelham has been collecting through a Facebook post in a group she is in, Chautauqua County Mom’s, and with the help of Ashley Russell from The Resource Center. The two of them have been getting the word out at their places of work as well.

Pelham will be sending the glasses to Latin America through an organization called Eclipse for a Cause. The organization is based in the midwest and has a donation deadline of July 1. Donated glasses cannot be damaged or broken. Pelham said she wants to research if she can send them to Latin America directly herself, but has yet to figure out how to send them directly.

She is still collecting used glasses if anyone is interested, and can extend her deadline to May 15 or the end of May. She added she can also send out her donations in shipments.

Pelham said she appreciates all of the community help she has had so far.

“My original goal was 100, so I just wanted to do a shoutout to everyone who has helped me collect,” Pelham said. “I’ve had such support from the community. Some people said I should just send them to the libraries who are also collecting, but I didn’t want to do that. This is more personal for me, and I appreciate all of the help I’ve received.”

If interested in donating eclipse glasses, Pelham can be reached at kirapelham@gmail.com.


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