‘They Deserve Everything’

Donation Is More Like Act Of Kindness

Jim Rauh, owner of Jim Rauh Enterprises, recently made a donation to S.G. Love Elementary School in Jamestown to help the school obtain new risers for student performances. Rauh donated about $8,500 after meeting the school’s long-term substitute music teacher Anne Dolce. From left are Rauh, his son Jimmy, Dolce, and Love School Principal Cindy Johnson. Submitted photo

It is more than a donation. It is a heartfelt act of kindness.

About three weeks ago, Anne Dolce was on her way to Ed Shults Chevrolet to drop off some church choir music to Jason Higbee. Both belong to Holy Apostles Parish where Dolce is the choir director.

So, when Dolce met Higbee, Higbee’s friend, Jim Rauh was there too. Higbee introduced Dolce to Rauh, and Higbee told Rauh that Dolce is a long-term substitute music teacher at Love School in Jamestown.

Rauh, owner of Rauh Enterprises, recently donated about $8,500 to Love School for new choral risers.

“And then Jim started asking me some questions about the school,” Dolce said.”And I was telling him how the school is a diamond in the rough, and people don’t understand how amazing the school is.”

Rauh asked Dolce if she needed anything else, and she said choral risers because the ones that are being used are at the end of their cycle.

Rauh was immediately taken in with her ambition, he said.

Rauh said he was standing in the background, listening to Higbee and Dolce discuss music.

“‘I said, go get your risers,'” Rauh recalled saying to Dolce.

Dolce did not think he was talking to her, Rauh said.

He repeated himself.

“‘I said. Go and get your risers, and I will pay for them,'” Rauh said. “I didn’t even know what I was buying, but I admired her ambition.”

Dolce then took him on a tour of the school, and explained to Rauh about how she gathered instruments for the students, and Rauh saw first-hand how the students positively reacted to Dolce, and how well-behaved they were.

“It was so awesome to be a part of that,” Rauh added.

“I can’t think of any school more deserving,” Dolce said. “These kids, they have so much respect for people who actually just love them. And they deserve everything.”

Dolce, who is in her 37th year of teaching, and came out of retirement to be a long-term sub, will tell you that if you enjoy your career, then you will never work a day in your life.

“Cindy Johnson is my principal, and she is so supportive. She’s an amazing principal,” Dolce said.

At its March 26 meeting, the Jamestown Public Schools Board of Education accepted his donation.


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