‘A Positive Impact’

Local Man To Walk 24 Hours For Wounded Warrior Project

Marcus Lindstrom, a local man who will be walking for 24 hours with 100 pounds on his back to fundraise for the Wounded Warrior Project. Submitted photo

PANAMA — A local man will be walking around the track at Panama Central School for 24 hours as a fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project.

On April 6, Marcus Lindstrom is set to do this walk, starting at 9 a.m., with a 100 pound pack on his back. A friend is going to be walking with him with about 40 pounds on their back. This is something that Lindstrom said he has been thinking about doing for a long time.

“The military is something that has sat with me since I graduated from high school about ten years ago,” Lindstrom said. “This is a way I can give back to them.”

Additionally, Lindstrom said he had actually begun training walking with weights on his back for this walk before he had actually decided to do it. So far he has collected through donations around $5,000 but he said he would love to get it to $10,000.

Right now, this fundraiser is everything for Lindstrom.

“It has consumed my life, but I love it,” Lindstrom said. “It’s giving me a sense of purpose and I have already gotten donations from friends who have served and completely random people who lost their sons. I just want to make a positive impact on someone.”

Lindstrom first came up with the idea after hearing about things like marathons and 5Ks, and more specifically listening to a podcast of an ex Navy seal who walked 24 hours with his friends on a treadmill. This is where Lindstrom came up with the 24 hour idea, though he said it is going to be difficult.

Donation wise, Lindstrom said he thought about doing it as having people sponsor him for every mile but decided it was easier to have people just flat out donate. To donate, visit communityfundraising.woundedwarriorproject.org and search for Lindstrom.

This is the first time Lindstrom has attempted a walk like this, but said he planned on doing it again after seeing how the first time goes, adding that he might change the weight of the pack next time if needed. For this first time, while he said the 100 pounds will be difficult he will make it happen.

“I believe in myself and I believe in my cause,” Lindstrom said. “I will make sure it happens.”

Most importantly, Lindstrom hopes his walk will have a positive impact.

“I really hope that I can make a sliver of a positive impact on someone’s life who has served our beautiful country,” Lindstrom said.


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