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Since the news cycle seems to change every fifteen minutes, those not glued to their cable channels or their iPhones tend to miss a lot on any given day. Add to this real censorship and omission by the mainstream media, and the big picture we need to fully function as a nation and a planet becomes blurred.

So, grab your morning coffee and let’s try to barrel through some news items you might have missed:

They’re coming! Get ready! The ChatGPT maker now owned by Microsoft, posted a video last week of its new test model assistant robot. The steel fella can hand you an apple, put dishes in the sink, and have a bit of a conversation. He even says things like, “um” or “well,” to make him sound more human. I just hope they don’t name him Hal.

The Spokane Spokesman-Review ran a story Monday headlined, “Supreme Court: Bar exam will no longer be required to become attorney in Washington State.” This can’t end well, can it? Graduating unqualified lawyers just leads to malpractice lawsuits.

Where is Kate? The queen-to-be and wife of Prince William has been the nonstop subject of gossip and conspiracy theory as the Duchess has not been seen in public for months after reportedly having abdominal surgery. Lots of shenanigans surrounding the whole story: strangely edited photos, uncertain sightings, rumors of affairs. I tend to wonder what we’re really missing in the news when topics like this get pushed by the media. I’m not a fan of royalty, but I wish them all well. I’m sure Kate is safe and comfortable in one of the British Royal Family’s thirty houses.

Farmers continue to riot and protest across Europe. I’m cheering them on every step of the way. The decision by European political leaders to close thousands of farms, impose unfair taxes and carbon-reducing restrictions has crossed one too many lines in the agricultural community the world over. Say what you want about the farmers’ tactics, but at least some faction of society is standing up to authority.

A woman in the boroughs of New York City was arrested Tuesday for trying to kick squatters out of her million dollar house. The woman’s parents had died and left her the house, but the squatters apparently moved in while she was getting the home ready to sell. There seems to be a giant loophole in New York State law that favors squatters over owners. The cops told the woman she’d have to file a complaint in court and that the matter was now a “landlord/tenant issue,” despite her never having given the squatters permission to move in the first place. She was taken away in handcuffs after changing the locks on the house later that same day.

Last week, Rep. Dan Crenshaw walked out of the Capitol after voting to give Joe Biden the power to shut down news sites that dare to challenge the president. Crenshaw told a reporter that he’s not worried because U.S. intel agencies don’t meddle in domestic news coverage. He’s counting on his constituents to buy that explanation, and sadly many of them will. We all remember how Twitter was weaponized during the last elections by our intel agencies. Lying is no longer a moral failing in our society.

In case you didn’t know, Crenshaw (a Republican) is a member of the Young Global Leaders Forum led by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. Young attendees are handpicked to join the forum and, conveniently, often become world leaders–like Justin Trudeau of Canada and Emmanuel Macron of France. Both of these gentlemen also graduated from Schwab’s forum and they all seem to have a lot in common.

In less politically-inclined news, although just as terrifying, five women in Washington state fended off a mountain lion while bicycling on a mountain road last week. The lion attacked the first woman in line leading the cyclists, pinning her to the ground with his paws and sinking his teeth into her jaw. The victim’s four friends spent 45 minutes throwing sticks and boulders at the young male lion, eventually wearing him down. When park rangers arrived, the women had the lion pinned down beneath one of their bikes, and all four stood on top of the bike, using their weight to keep him in place. Rangers shot the lion when they arrived. Sad story for all, but you’ve got to be impressed by the girl power.

Have a good week all.


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